My name is Rebekah. Bekah. Whichever you prefer. But never Becky. While I am quite fond of the Beckys I have met in my life, I have known from an early age that I am not one of them.

I've the privilege of being birthed and bred in the sultry, Gothic South with its curious mix of ghosts from past sins as well as all the kindness and hospitality one can project from a lipstick-laden smile. And though that makes my past and present, that certainly does not complete my makeup as I am, in truth, only a half-breed. My mother's Midwestern cultivation brought fluffy dumplings in our chicken soup, though she was quite proficient in proper Southern fixings such as cornbread and grits. A true Iowan with all the right Deep South seasonings. But I never touched foundation or blush until I was in college, and I'm careful to never drop my g's. I'm a peculiar blend of berth and blood, and I'm quite content to settle in that tension. 

My lifelong love, until recently, has been my pen, and we are still quite close. Perhaps closer than ever. I obtained my degree studying English and Creative Writing, Teaching English as a Second Language, and Religious Studies from Mississippi University for Women, a small and beautiful little campus nestled in Historical Downtown Columbus. And it was in this little plot of land where my imagination and dreams grew well beyond the confines of the space I had always known. I had always wished to travel, never having journeyed terribly far from Mississippi, and somewhere between my twenty-second and twenty-fourth birthdays, I managed to visit eight countries. And that still seems to be such a small number for me. 

Since being recently wedded, I have begun research on what it means to have a home. Trying to figure out what this meal-planning thing is while raising our sweet Mabel, the dog who lets us live with her. I also dabble in poetry and knitting. Always the introspective sort, I regularly seek the company of a book or a lonely stroll.

Currently, I am transitioning out of my role as a Volunteer Manager into something else. I don't know what, just yet.


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