Tuesday, August 27, 2013


i've spent some time thinking about space lately, particularly internet space. 

the culture of blogging and social media is ever-flourishing, and the changes sometimes leave many of us behind. 

but it is because of change that i have chosen to leave a space behind. i created a page a few years ago as a student and have since changed much about how i view such things, as well as life, in general. i've changed my expression of thought, as well as many thoughts. and i have quite simply changed. that space no longer fits me and the person i am and to which i aspire. 

furthermore, i have much to learn about housekeeping, when it comes to this space. design, layout, and frankly just the look of things really affect one's attraction to you. i'd like to think the writing is enough, if it's good, but not today. not anymore. 

i have created a new page for new expression. i aspire to professionalism with transparency. i will try to be real without giving too much. i will measure my work with better tools. and i will hope that, through whatever connections may transpire, there will be community.